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The Thrilling World of Polo: My Exclusive Chat with Ricky Cooper

When it comes to sporting events in Scottsdale, there’s one name that’s been echoing louder and louder: the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championship. As winter embraces its chilly grasp, the sprawling fields of Westworld in Scottsdale transform into a battleground for some of the world’s most accomplished polo players. And now, the most anticipated season in Scottsdale has officially begun.

Ricky Cooper Polo

For those unfamiliar with the sport, polo might appear to be a sophisticated form of croquet on horseback. However, when you delve deeper into the game, the athleticism and strategy involved are nothing short of breathtaking. To shed light on this thrilling sport and offer a sneak peek into its intricacies, I had the pleasure of hosting two eminent personalities from the world of polo on the podcast: Sterling Jones and Ricky Cooper.

While both Sterling and Ricky are remarkable in their own right, Ricky Cooper, hailing from Wales, stood out with his charm and expertise. He has been a part of the national polo team since its formation in the 2008-2009 season. Over the years, Ricky has not only showcased his skills in Scottsdale but has also played in countless international matches. What’s more, off the field, he’s an avid marathon runner and ice hockey player, exemplifying the very definition of a multi-faceted athlete.

How it Started

Ricky’s journey into polo wasn’t one he had envisioned. It all began in the heart of the UK when a twist of fate had him residing near the prestigious Sunningdale Golf Course. It was there that he crossed paths with the esteemed polo coach, Peter Grace. Under Grace’s mentorship, Ricky was introduced to the sport, and what started as a curious venture soon transformed into a passionate pursuit.

Polo is not just about galloping horses and hitting a ball; it’s about understanding the beast beneath you, syncing with its rhythm, and mastering the technique to guide the ball’s direction. As Ricky fondly recalled, the initial stages were akin to learning a dance where he was constantly out of step. But with perseverance, dedication, and countless hours on horseback, he soon became one of the most revered players globally.

Polo and Royalty

However, the glamor and glitz of polo matches, especially those in Scottsdale, aren’t just about the game. These events often turn into fashion parades, with attendees showcasing their finest attire, making them as much social gatherings as they are sporting events.

Behind the scenes, there’s a fascinating connection between polo and the British Royal family. Ricky’s team, the Wales polo team, boasts the royal insignia, having been sponsored by none other than Prince Charles himself. These affiliations brought not only prestige but also a sense of responsibility. The team has actively participated in numerous charity games, contributing significant amounts to various causes.

While the future of the Wales polo team’s royal patronage remains uncertain, Ricky remains optimistic. His journey in polo has been about more than just accolades and championships. For him, it’s the spirit of the game, the camaraderie with fellow players, and the joy of giving back to society that truly matter.

As Ricky fondly reminisced about a particular match in Scottsdale around 2013, which remained etched in his memory, it became evident that this sport holds a special place in his heart. As the Scottsdale Polo Championship approaches, scheduled for November 4th at Westworld, the anticipation is palpable. With outstanding players like Ricky Cooper gracing the field, it promises to be an event that combines sport, fashion, and community spirit, truly celebrating
the essence of Scottsdale’s vibrant vibes. Until next time, Scottsdale, See you around town!

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The Essence of Scottsdale: Janet Kessler’s Artistic Journey to Vintage Car Collecting

Janet Kessler

In the heart of Scottsdale, where community, passion, and craftsmanship converge, there’s a unique story waiting to be told. It’s the story of Janet Kessler, known simply as “just Janet” by some, whose journey took her from the world of fine arts into the captivating realm of vintage car collecting. This remarkable transition serendipitously bridges her artistic background with the allure of vintage automobiles. As the host of the Scottsdale Vibes podcast, I’m excited to share Janet’s inspiring tale on this week’s episode.

A Journey Unplanned

Janet’s foray into the world of car collecting was anything but planned or gradual. She was deeply rooted in the fine arts sector when she met Clive Kessler, the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author. Clive’s literary world was filled with adventures led by the charismatic Dirk Pitt. However, Janet soon realized that her life with Clive would mirror those very adventures. It was Clive’s inherent passion for life and adventure that rubbed off on Janet. Their escapades weren’t confined to the pages of books; they embarked on weekend getaways to Mexico, embraced random explorations, and held an unwavering thirst for the new and the unknown.

The Shift from Art to Cars

But what solidified Janet’s transition from fine arts to vintage cars? It was an auction in Scottsdale where the magic happened. Despite her initial reluctance to delve into the mechanical underbelly of cars, it was the external charm of one car that captivated her. As she began to see cars not merely as vehicles but as rolling pieces of art, her interest soared. It’s worth noting that women have made significant contributions to the automotive world, from inventing windshield wipers to reconfiguring car interiors to accommodate women in skirts. Janet’s appreciation for these unsung heroes, coupled with her intrinsic artistic sensibilities, kindled her love for cars as more than mere machines.

A Growing Collection

Janet’s initial acquisition was an Art Deco car, a style she had always admired. As she delved deeper into the world of vintage cars, her collection soon outgrew its space. Clive had a solution – a bigger space. What began as a single storage unit quickly expanded to four in just five years. Today, the Janet Kessler car collection stands as a testament to her incredible journey from the world of fine arts to the mesmerizing allure of vintage automobiles. Each car in her collection is not just a vehicle; it’s a story, a piece of history, and, above all, a work of art.

The Heart of Scottsdale

As you navigate the streets of Scottsdale, remember that it’s more than just a city; it’s a melting pot of stories, adventures, and dreams. And among those dreams is Janet Kessler’s exquisite car collection, a bridge connecting her past with her present, art with machinery.

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The Heartbeat of Scottsdale: A Personal Reflection on Our Local Businesses

Hidden amidst the desert charm of Scottsdale, Arizona, is a thriving
haven for small business owners. Stroll along the bustling streets and
you’ll discover quaint coffee shops, state-of-the-art dentistry
clinics, and everything in between. Indeed, Scottsdale’s identity as a
bustling entrepreneurial hub is growing, and I’m here to give you a
glimpse into this remarkable ecosystem.

When I decided to delve deeper into the heartbeat of our city’s businesses, I was fortunate to have Jeremy Mueller of State Farm Insurance and Dr. Rob DiVito of Arizona Central for Laser Dentistry share their stories. What struck me was the unanimity in their experiences: both attributed their success to Scottsdale’s robust economy, the immense support from the community, and the relentless passion that its residents exude.

Small Business Challenges

Every small business owner knows the mountains that stand between an idea and its realization. Dr. Rob touched on these challenges, emphasizing that while starting a business is daunting, Scottsdale’s unique support system ensures entrepreneurs never face these trials alone. I remember during the challenging period of the COVID downturn, the Scottsdale economics bureau extended a lifeline to many small businesses, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of our community.

But success in Scottsdale isn’t just about profit margins. As Jeremy astutely noted, it’s akin to raising a child – the effort is immense, but the real reward is in the relationships built, the community served, and the tangible impact made. Dr. Rob further highlighted the power of genuine interactions, pointing out that in a world so digitally connected, the magic of face-to-face encounters still holds its ground.

Scottsdale’s Economic Forum

Navigating the Scottsdale business landscape, one can’t help but recognize the role of the Scottsdale Economic Forum. Josh Utterback, representing the forum, shared the multitude of services they offer. From business consulting to networking events, this forum has firmly positioned itself as the backbone of Scottsdale’s economic success.

Choose Scottsdale

In our conversation, Josh introduced me to “Choose Scottsdale,” an initiative committed to showcasing Scottsdale as a prime business destination. Through programs like the Business Assistance Program and the Partnership Program, they’ve created a harmony between businesses, local talent, and resources. Their success stories, like that of a local tech startup that expanded manifold with their support, exemplify the difference such programs make.

To anyone contemplating starting or expanding their business in Scottsdale, Josh had a message: “Scottsdale is more than a tourist hotspot; it’s a goldmine of innovation, talent, and unmatched opportunities.” With the guidance of initiatives like Choose Scottsdale, the journey for entrepreneurs becomes significantly smoother.

As I wrap up, I’d like to echo the sentiments of our interviewees and the countless entrepreneurs who call Scottsdale home. Our city isn’t just about the picturesque landscapes or the bustling markets; it’s about the people, the community spirit, and the relentless drive towards innovation and growth. If you’re an entrepreneur, there’s no
better time to be in Scottsdale.

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Back to School in Scottsdale

It’s that time of year and we’re diving headfirst into the excitement of back to school time in Scottsdale. As a parent, I know how much we all look forward to this time, and we’ll explore the joys, challenges, and opportunities that come with it. 

Summer Memories

Back to School in Scottsdale

First things first, can we all agree that the end of summer means we get a little break from constantly being snack providers? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I adore my kids, but their appetites seem never-ending! Joining me on this week’s episode, in this snack-dilemma discussion is Dr. Rob DeVito from Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry, who’s experiencing the same thing with his own children. It’s a snack-stravaganza! 

But before we jump into the school year, let’s take a moment to cherish those summer memories. Dr. Rob had an amazing time with his family on a Disney cruise, escaping the Arizona heat. His kids had a blast attending summer camps up north, keeping them active and engaged.

Speaking of summer camps, they are a blessing for working parents like us. The range of activities and opportunities they offer is incredible, giving us peace of mind knowing our kids are safe and having fun while we focus on our work responsibilities. We’re so grateful for the choices available to our children today.

Education in Scottsdale

Now, let’s shift our focus to education in Scottsdale. Both SUSD and PV School Districts deserve applause for providing well-rounded education that goes beyond academics. From music and arts to STEM activities, they offer ample extracurricular options for students to explore their passions. 

I love that our school districts are seeking input from parents and students. By considering their opinions, we create an environment where children feel valued and heard, fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere in schools. It’s truly heartwarming to see this level of commitment to our students’ well-being.

Now, I have a treat for you – a special guest on this week’s episode, SUSD Superintendent Dr. Scott Menzel. Tune in to hear about the district’s recent achievements, including the COA accreditation with high scores. It’s exciting to see the focus on continuous improvement and student success in action. 

As we move into this new school year, let’s focus on supporting our children’s educational journey for a successful and fulfilling year ahead. Remember, education is not just about academics but also about creating lasting memories and nurturing our children’s passions for a brighter future.

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Arizona Wildfires

This week I have the incredible opportunity to be on location with Jeremy Mueller from State Farm Insurance. We’re diving into a topic of utmost importance: the looming threat of wildfires this summer. As someone who hasn’t experienced a fire firsthand, I’m eager to learn about the precautions and insurance measures we can take to protect ourselves and our homes.

wildfires in arizona

Jeremy and I both agree that fire insurance preparedness is often overlooked. Many of us may not even realize that our home insurance usually covers fire-related incidents. However, it’s crucial to double-check our policies because if fire insurance isn’t included, it’s definitely a cause for concern. After all, protecting our homes is one of the main reasons we invest in insurance.

Luckily, Jeremy reassures me that 99.9% of us probably have fire insurance included in our home insurance policies. However, he brings up an interesting point about the severity of the fire problem in Arizona. Some national carriers are choosing not to renew coverage for clients in areas like Desert Mountain and other northern regions due to increased fire exposure. This revelation surprises me because one would not typically associate Arizona with widespread fires. Nevertheless, it’s essential to consult with your insurance agency or company to ensure you have adequate coverage.

Jeremy explains that if you’re insured with a reliable provider like State Farm, you’re in good hands. Companies like his are well-prepared to handle the risks associated with fire-prone areas. In fact, they even offer provisions that go the extra mile, such as dispatching teams to spray fire retardant and clear out gutters in high-risk situations. While these measures are more common in northern regions, it’s essential for residents of Desert Mountain and Cave Creek to start considering them seriously, given the overgrowth and increased risk during the dry and hot summer months.

It’s crucial to recognize that while we may not face the same level of fire risk as California, Arizona is not exempt from potentially devastating fires. Even if our homes are not directly engulfed in flames, the smoke can cause significant damage. Smoke permeates the walls and can ruin our belongings, including artwork and personal items. Jeremy emphasizes the importance of understanding that smoke damage is a real concern and sometimes even more destructive than the fire itself. While a fire may destroy a structure completely, smoke lingers and affects us on a more personal and emotional level.

As our conversation progresses, Jeremy highlights the importance of reviewing our insurance policies regularly. It’s a good practice to check if our coverage aligns with our current needs, especially as we acquire new items over time. He urges everyone to familiarize themselves with their policy’s details, even if reading the entire booklet might be a daunting task. In a nutshell, Jeremy advises ensuring that the cost of building your home per square foot is adequately covered. With the rising costs of construction, it’s often more economical to buy a new home rather than rebuild one. Therefore, having sufficient coverage becomes crucial, particularly in the high-risk areas of northern Arizona.

Curiosity piqued, I ask Jeremy if he has witnessed any significant fires during his time in Scottsdale. He shares a memory from the late nineties when a severe forest fire near the Scottsdale Golf Club rendered the area unusable for many years. This anecdote serves as a stark reminder that fires can indeed occur in unexpected places and should not be taken lightly. Thankfully, individuals like Jeremy and his team at State Farm are always ready to assist in times of crisis. Their prompt response and dedication to their clients’ safety are truly commendable.

Wildfire Prevention

In addition to my conversation with Jeremy, I had the opportunity to interview Tiffany Davila from the Arizona Forestry about the upcoming fire season and the measures being taken to prevent wildfires in Arizona. Tiffany shared valuable insights into the current situation and the proactive steps being taken to mitigate fire risks.

Tiffany began by emphasizing that the potential for active fires is high in Southern Arizona and the central region due to the dry fuel in those areas. She explained that the fire season typically starts in late April or early May and continues until the peak of the monsoon season, which usually occurs in mid-July. It’s crucial for residents to be aware of these timeframes and take necessary precautions.

One significant point Tiffany stressed during our conversation was that the majority of wildfires are caused by human activities, such as chain dragging or other sources of sparks. Surprisingly, she mentioned that 65-80% of wildfires in Arizona are started by people. This highlights the importance of personal responsibility in preventing wildfires. We must all be mindful of our actions and take steps to minimize the risk of fire ignition.

We delved into the Firewise USA program, which Tiffany explained as an initiative aimed at engaging homeowners and communities in wildfire prevention. The program provides educational resources, home assessments, and tools for creating defensible space around properties. By actively participating in Firewise, communities can reduce the risk of wildfires and ensure the safety of residents and their homes.

Another program we discussed was the “Ready, Set, Go” program, which outlines the necessary steps to take in case of a fire. Tiffany explained that “Ready” refers to being prepared and maintaining situational awareness. This includes having an emergency plan, assembling a go bag with essential items, and staying informed about fire conditions in the area. “Set” is the pre-evacuation status, where homeowners should be prepared to evacuate if necessary, ensuring that their go bags are ready and evacuation plans are in place. Finally, “Go” means evacuating immediately when authorities issue an evacuation order to ensure personal safety.

While it’s challenging to predict the severity of the upcoming fire season, Tiffany mentioned that there has been a cyclical pattern in recent years. The increase in population and human interaction in the wildland-urban interface areas has led to more fire starts in previously unaffected regions. It’s crucial for residents to be vigilant, stay informed, and actively participate in fire prevention efforts.

In conclusion, my conversation with Tiffany highlighted the importance of wildfire prevention, community engagement, and preparedness in Arizona. By understanding the risks, taking preventive measures, and being proactive in our approach, we can help protect our homes, communities, and the beautiful natural landscape of Arizona.

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Summer Camp in Scottsdale

Summer is just around the corner, and for many families in Scottsdale, finding the right summer camp for their children can be a challenge. I have researched and spoken with local experts to find the best summer camp options for families in the area.

Dr. Rob DiVito is all about summer camps for his little ones. He too knows the value of a good summer camp. Not only to make sure the kids are active and having fun during the summer but it’s an opportunity to do things we may not have time to experience during the school year. Some of his favorite ones are Herpetological Society in North Scottsdale and sports camps and more. Growing up in Scottsdale, he knows all too well how fun these camps can be.   

One option I highly recommend is the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale. I recently spoke with Christian Snaft from one of our club, who praised the level of activity planning offered by the club. Snaft emphasized that the club provides a variety of engaging and fun activities in every area of the building, from arts and crafts to outdoor sports and games. This ensures that every child has something they enjoy. He also noted that the club employs highly trained staff who prioritize child safety and ensure that all activities are age-appropriate.

STEM is all the rage these days. Engineering for kid’s has been around for 10 years serving over 2500 kids in 6 Valley locations. Husband and Wife, Ran and Lan Hoagland started this program because they saw the need for kids to be inspired by Science and math. Program Manager, Zach Gray is a former teacher with a degree in Childhood education. He’s taken his love of teaching and STEM to Engineering for Kids where he oversees all aspects of curriculum and program development and implementation.

But the Boys and Girls Club is just one of many summer camp options available in Scottsdale. Veronica Leon of Macaroni Kid, a resource for family events and activities, discussed the many options available for families in the area. Leon noted that there are camps focused on sports, STEM, and the arts, providing something for every child’s interests.

One camp that Leon highlighted is the ID Tech Camps, which is offered at Arizona State University. This camp is focused on technology and provides a unique opportunity for children to explore coding, game design, and other technological skills. The iD Tech Camps are available for children ages 7-17, and the program is tailored to each child’s skill level, ensuring that they are challenged and engaged.

Another popular camp option is the Scottsdale Artists’ School, which offers summer art camps for children. These camps are designed to teach children the fundamentals of art while allowing them to express their creativity. The camps are led by experienced art instructors who provide individualized attention to each child and help them develop their skills.

No matter what your child’s interests are, there are many summer camp options available in Scottsdale. From sports to art to technology, there is something for everyone. As a parent, it’s important to take the time to research and find the right camp for your child, ensuring that they have a fun and engaging summer while also learning new skills and making new friends. With the help of local experts and resources like Macaroni Kid, finding the perfect summer camp for your child can be a breeze.

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Scottsdale Housing Market- What to Expect in 2023

Welcome to the Scottsdale Vibes Podcast. I’m Alicia Haygood, your host. Every week, I have the pleasure of bringing you fresh and captivating episodes highlighting the people, places, and events of Scottsdale. And before we dive into today’s episode, let’s take a moment to acknowledge one of our sponsors, the Shackleton Group, led by the incredible Shawn Shackleton.

Just before we started recording today, Shawn and I were discussing the unpredictability of the real estate market. We both chuckled at the thought of trying to make accurate predictions in such a dynamic environment. It’s simply impossible. While we can analyze data and trends, the market has a mind of its own. At the moment, low inventory and higher prices seem to be the prevailing factors. I’ve heard stories from friends who are dealing with multiple offers and bargaining situations, which is quite unusual for this time of year in Scottsdale.

Naturally, I was curious to understand what’s driving these changes, as it deviates from the typical pattern we observe. Shawn shed some light on the matter, emphasizing that the past two years have been far from normal. We’ve experienced historically low interest rates, low inventory, and soaring prices. Then, everything suddenly shifted after May last year, catching many off guard. The market didn’t necessarily crash, but it underwent a rapid transformation that triggered memories of the 2008 financial crisis.

It’s understandable why that event left a lasting impact on people’s minds. Even though it occurred some time ago, it still feels relatively recent. However, we must recognize that the situation has changed again. Prices have been steadily climbing since December, and the median price point reached $415,000 in January, February, and March. As we enter April, we’ve already surpassed $420,000, indicating an upward trend that some may find hard to believe or accept.

Furthermore, the issue of low inventory persists. There are more homes leaving the market than entering it, creating an inventory deficit. This demand, coupled with fluctuating interest rates, affects market dynamics. We were fortunate to enjoy historically low rates, but they have recently risen, albeit with some fluctuation. It’s crucial to stay informed about interest rates as they significantly impact market activity.

During our conversation, Shawn shared a valuable anecdote about a client who received a counteroffer on a house. The counteroffer initially caused concern due to the price, but Shawn advised her to take a step back and consider the bigger picture. By evaluating the monthly payment rather than the loan amount, they could make a more informed decision. It’s essential to work with a knowledgeable realtor who can guide you through these intricacies and help you weigh the pros and cons of different scenarios.

Traditionally, the Scottsdale market experiences a slowdown during the summer months. As the weather gets hotter, people tend to travel or retreat to their second homes, resulting in decreased activity. However, the advent of the internet has transformed the buying process, making it possible to purchase properties remotely. Even before COVID-19, Shawn was witnessing clients buying homes via FaceTime. The pandemic further accelerated this trend, and she was astonished by the number of homes sold without buyers ever stepping foot inside.

Returning to the current state of affairs, Scottsdale’s steady growth can be attributed to job opportunities. Unlike before the 2008 crisis, the city now boasts a more diverse range of industries. Previously, construction, hospitality, and low-end call centers dominated the job market. However, the crash severely affected these sectors, and it took time for them to recover. Additionally, the pandemic and supply chain disruptions further delayed construction projects, leading to a shortage of homes nationwide.

It’s essential to grasp the magnitude of this shortage. The lack of available homes isn’t exclusive to Scottsdale; it’s a nationwide issue. Cities across the country are experiencing similar challenges, as the demand for housing surpasses the current supply. Factors such as population growth, limited land availability, and regulatory constraints contribute to the housing shortage we face today.

In response to this situation, developers and builders are working tirelessly to construct new housing units. However, it’s a complex process that requires time and resources. The construction industry is facing its own set of obstacles, including rising material costs, labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions. These factors can delay projects and further exacerbate the housing shortage.

To address this issue, it’s crucial for local governments to adopt policies that promote affordable housing and streamline the construction process. Encouraging mixed-use developments, implementing zoning reforms, and providing incentives for affordable housing projects are just a few strategies that can help alleviate the shortage in the long run.

As potential homebuyers or renters, it’s important to stay informed and be proactive in your housing search. Working with a knowledgeable real estate agent can greatly assist in navigating the current market conditions. Exploring different neighborhoods and considering alternative housing options such as townhomes or condominiums may also broaden your possibilities.

While the current housing market may present challenges, it’s important to remain hopeful. Real estate markets are cyclical, and as supply and demand dynamics continue to evolve, we may see a shift in the future. In the meantime, it’s crucial to stay informed, be patient, and make well-informed decisions based on your individual circumstances.

That wraps up today’s episode of the Scottsdale Vibes Podcast. I hope you found this discussion on the housing market insightful. Remember to call Shawn Shackelton from The Shackelton Group for all of your housing needs!

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Pat Tillman Foundation

Hi there! I’m Alicia Haygood, your host for the Scottsdale Vibes Podcast, and today we have a very special guest, Dan Futrell, who is the CEO of the Pat Tillman Foundation. Pat Tillman is a well-known name across Arizona and the country, and his legacy continues to inspire and impact the lives of many. We’re going to dive into Dan’s journey, the mission of the Pat Tillman Foundation, and what it means to be a recipient of one of their prestigious scholarships.

Dan’s Story

Dan’s story is one of resilience and determination. Growing up in foster care in California, he faced many challenges, but found solace in nature and adventure. This passion led him to join the military, where he served for five years and earned several accolades, including the Combat Infantry Men’s Badge, the Ranger tab, and two Bronze Star medals. In 2011, he became a Tillman Scholar, and in 2019, he took on the role of CEO.

How it Started

The Pat Tillman Foundation was founded in 2004, just a month after Pat’s tragic death, to honor his legacy and support veterans and military spouses pursuing higher education. Their mission is to empower military veterans and their spouses to become leaders in their fields and communities through education, mentorship, and community-building. To date, the foundation has provided scholarships to over 800 Tillman Scholars who are making a difference in their communities and beyond.

As CEO, Dan is deeply honored to be part of the organization and to continue Pat’s legacy. He expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to meet people who knew Pat and to be part of an event that commemorates Pat’s life and accomplishments. He acknowledges the immense strength and resilience of Marie Tillman in starting the foundation just a month after her husband’s death and carrying on his legacy in a meaningful way. Dan is committed to upholding the foundation’s mission and making a positive impact on the lives of veterans and military spouses.

The Foundation’s Impact

The foundation’s impact on the lives of veterans and military spouses has been profound. Through scholarships, mentorship, and community-building, the foundation empowers these individuals to pursue their academic and professional goals. Many Tillman Scholars have gone on to make significant contributions in various fields, embodying the values of service, leadership, and integrity that Pat Tillman stood for. The foundation’s programs not only provide financial support but also create a strong support system for Tillman Scholars, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Pat’s Run

Pat’s Run is an annual event that has become synonymous with honoring Pat Tillman’s legacy. The race, which is 4.2 miles long and ends on the 42nd yard line of the Sun Devil Stadium, a symbolic reference to Tillman’s jersey number, 42, is not only a tribute to Tillman’s memory but also a celebration of his enduring legacy. Dan shared how Pat’s Run has become a beloved tradition for thousands of participants who come together to remember and honor Pat Tillman’s life and sacrifice. The event has grown exponentially over the years, with tens of thousands of people joining from all over the world to participate in the race and support the foundation’s mission.

Dan Futrell’s journey, along with the mission and impact of the Pat Tillman Foundation, is a testament to the resilience and strength of the human spirit. The Foundation’s impact will continue to ripple through generations, as the legacy of Pat Tillman lives on through the countless lives it has touched. I am so honored to have had the chance to speak with Dan. Thanks for joining me Scottsdale, until next time!

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All About Jazz

Doc Jones Professional Jazz Player

Welcome to the Scottsdale Vibes Podcast, where I, Alicia Haygood, have the distinct honor of conversing with some of the most intriguing and inspiring individuals in the area. In this week’s episode, I am thrilled to be joined by the legendary jazz musician, Doc Jones, to discuss our shared passion for jazz music.

Jazz has been an integral part of my family’s life for as long as I can recall. It’s a genre that possesses the ability to elevate our spirits, transport us to different eras, and simply make us feel great. Doc Jones concurs, as he explains how he stumbled upon his love for music later in life.

It’s remarkable to think that someone as gifted as Doc didn’t pursue music until the age of 21. However, once he discovered the piano and dance classes, there was no turning back. He attributes his wife and his teacher, Miss Shirley, for assisting him in realizing his potential and passion for music.

He has even instilled his love for music in his daughter, Nayo Jones, who is also a musician. In fact, it was his daughter who prompted his return to playing the piano. Over the years, Doc’s primary instrument had become the saxophone. However, after repeatedly being disappointed with how various piano players were accompanying his daughter, Doc decided to resume playing the piano.

I really enjoyed getting to know Doc Jones and discussing our shared passion and love for jazz music. If you want to listen to the whole episode, you can find that episode here. Also, if you are a jazz lover, make sure you don’t miss the upcoming Scottsdale Jazz Festival at the end of this month. Come find out why jazz music holds a special place in the hearts of many and experience the transformative power of music for yourself!