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The Essence of Scottsdale: Janet Kessler’s Artistic Journey to Vintage Car Collecting

Janet Kessler

In the heart of Scottsdale, where community, passion, and craftsmanship converge, there’s a unique story waiting to be told. It’s the story of Janet Kessler, known simply as “just Janet” by some, whose journey took her from the world of fine arts into the captivating realm of vintage car collecting. This remarkable transition serendipitously bridges her artistic background with the allure of vintage automobiles. As the host of the Scottsdale Vibes podcast, I’m excited to share Janet’s inspiring tale on this week’s episode.

A Journey Unplanned

Janet’s foray into the world of car collecting was anything but planned or gradual. She was deeply rooted in the fine arts sector when she met Clive Kessler, the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author. Clive’s literary world was filled with adventures led by the charismatic Dirk Pitt. However, Janet soon realized that her life with Clive would mirror those very adventures. It was Clive’s inherent passion for life and adventure that rubbed off on Janet. Their escapades weren’t confined to the pages of books; they embarked on weekend getaways to Mexico, embraced random explorations, and held an unwavering thirst for the new and the unknown.

The Shift from Art to Cars

But what solidified Janet’s transition from fine arts to vintage cars? It was an auction in Scottsdale where the magic happened. Despite her initial reluctance to delve into the mechanical underbelly of cars, it was the external charm of one car that captivated her. As she began to see cars not merely as vehicles but as rolling pieces of art, her interest soared. It’s worth noting that women have made significant contributions to the automotive world, from inventing windshield wipers to reconfiguring car interiors to accommodate women in skirts. Janet’s appreciation for these unsung heroes, coupled with her intrinsic artistic sensibilities, kindled her love for cars as more than mere machines.

A Growing Collection

Janet’s initial acquisition was an Art Deco car, a style she had always admired. As she delved deeper into the world of vintage cars, her collection soon outgrew its space. Clive had a solution – a bigger space. What began as a single storage unit quickly expanded to four in just five years. Today, the Janet Kessler car collection stands as a testament to her incredible journey from the world of fine arts to the mesmerizing allure of vintage automobiles. Each car in her collection is not just a vehicle; it’s a story, a piece of history, and, above all, a work of art.

The Heart of Scottsdale

As you navigate the streets of Scottsdale, remember that it’s more than just a city; it’s a melting pot of stories, adventures, and dreams. And among those dreams is Janet Kessler’s exquisite car collection, a bridge connecting her past with her present, art with machinery.

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