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Summer Camp in Scottsdale

Summer is just around the corner, and for many families in Scottsdale, finding the right summer camp for their children can be a challenge. I have researched and spoken with local experts to find the best summer camp options for families in the area.

Dr. Rob DiVito is all about summer camps for his little ones. He too knows the value of a good summer camp. Not only to make sure the kids are active and having fun during the summer but it’s an opportunity to do things we may not have time to experience during the school year. Some of his favorite ones are Herpetological Society in North Scottsdale and sports camps and more. Growing up in Scottsdale, he knows all too well how fun these camps can be.   

One option I highly recommend is the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale. I recently spoke with Christian Snaft from one of our club, who praised the level of activity planning offered by the club. Snaft emphasized that the club provides a variety of engaging and fun activities in every area of the building, from arts and crafts to outdoor sports and games. This ensures that every child has something they enjoy. He also noted that the club employs highly trained staff who prioritize child safety and ensure that all activities are age-appropriate.

STEM is all the rage these days. Engineering for kid’s has been around for 10 years serving over 2500 kids in 6 Valley locations. Husband and Wife, Ran and Lan Hoagland started this program because they saw the need for kids to be inspired by Science and math. Program Manager, Zach Gray is a former teacher with a degree in Childhood education. He’s taken his love of teaching and STEM to Engineering for Kids where he oversees all aspects of curriculum and program development and implementation.

But the Boys and Girls Club is just one of many summer camp options available in Scottsdale. Veronica Leon of Macaroni Kid, a resource for family events and activities, discussed the many options available for families in the area. Leon noted that there are camps focused on sports, STEM, and the arts, providing something for every child’s interests.

One camp that Leon highlighted is the ID Tech Camps, which is offered at Arizona State University. This camp is focused on technology and provides a unique opportunity for children to explore coding, game design, and other technological skills. The iD Tech Camps are available for children ages 7-17, and the program is tailored to each child’s skill level, ensuring that they are challenged and engaged.

Another popular camp option is the Scottsdale Artists’ School, which offers summer art camps for children. These camps are designed to teach children the fundamentals of art while allowing them to express their creativity. The camps are led by experienced art instructors who provide individualized attention to each child and help them develop their skills.

No matter what your child’s interests are, there are many summer camp options available in Scottsdale. From sports to art to technology, there is something for everyone. As a parent, it’s important to take the time to research and find the right camp for your child, ensuring that they have a fun and engaging summer while also learning new skills and making new friends. With the help of local experts and resources like Macaroni Kid, finding the perfect summer camp for your child can be a breeze.

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