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All About Jazz

Doc Jones Professional Jazz Player

Welcome to the Scottsdale Vibes Podcast, where I, Alicia Haygood, have the distinct honor of conversing with some of the most intriguing and inspiring individuals in the area. In this week’s episode, I am thrilled to be joined by the legendary jazz musician, Doc Jones, to discuss our shared passion for jazz music.

Jazz has been an integral part of my family’s life for as long as I can recall. It’s a genre that possesses the ability to elevate our spirits, transport us to different eras, and simply make us feel great. Doc Jones concurs, as he explains how he stumbled upon his love for music later in life.

It’s remarkable to think that someone as gifted as Doc didn’t pursue music until the age of 21. However, once he discovered the piano and dance classes, there was no turning back. He attributes his wife and his teacher, Miss Shirley, for assisting him in realizing his potential and passion for music.

He has even instilled his love for music in his daughter, Nayo Jones, who is also a musician. In fact, it was his daughter who prompted his return to playing the piano. Over the years, Doc’s primary instrument had become the saxophone. However, after repeatedly being disappointed with how various piano players were accompanying his daughter, Doc decided to resume playing the piano.

I really enjoyed getting to know Doc Jones and discussing our shared passion and love for jazz music. If you want to listen to the whole episode, you can find that episode here. Also, if you are a jazz lover, make sure you don’t miss the upcoming Scottsdale Jazz Festival at the end of this month. Come find out why jazz music holds a special place in the hearts of many and experience the transformative power of music for yourself!

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