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Back to School in Scottsdale

It’s that time of year and we’re diving headfirst into the excitement of back to school time in Scottsdale. As a parent, I know how much we all look forward to this time, and we’ll explore the joys, challenges, and opportunities that come with it. 

Summer Memories

Back to School in Scottsdale

First things first, can we all agree that the end of summer means we get a little break from constantly being snack providers? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I adore my kids, but their appetites seem never-ending! Joining me on this week’s episode, in this snack-dilemma discussion is Dr. Rob DeVito from Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry, who’s experiencing the same thing with his own children. It’s a snack-stravaganza! 

But before we jump into the school year, let’s take a moment to cherish those summer memories. Dr. Rob had an amazing time with his family on a Disney cruise, escaping the Arizona heat. His kids had a blast attending summer camps up north, keeping them active and engaged.

Speaking of summer camps, they are a blessing for working parents like us. The range of activities and opportunities they offer is incredible, giving us peace of mind knowing our kids are safe and having fun while we focus on our work responsibilities. We’re so grateful for the choices available to our children today.

Education in Scottsdale

Now, let’s shift our focus to education in Scottsdale. Both SUSD and PV School Districts deserve applause for providing well-rounded education that goes beyond academics. From music and arts to STEM activities, they offer ample extracurricular options for students to explore their passions. 

I love that our school districts are seeking input from parents and students. By considering their opinions, we create an environment where children feel valued and heard, fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere in schools. It’s truly heartwarming to see this level of commitment to our students’ well-being.

Now, I have a treat for you – a special guest on this week’s episode, SUSD Superintendent Dr. Scott Menzel. Tune in to hear about the district’s recent achievements, including the COA accreditation with high scores. It’s exciting to see the focus on continuous improvement and student success in action. 

As we move into this new school year, let’s focus on supporting our children’s educational journey for a successful and fulfilling year ahead. Remember, education is not just about academics but also about creating lasting memories and nurturing our children’s passions for a brighter future.

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