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Scottsdale Vibes 100th Episode

scottsdale vibes Arizona mountains

Hey everyone, I am thrilled to share that we have reached an incredible milestone, we celebrate our 100th episode this week! Scottsdale Vibes has become a go-to for all things Scottsdale and has grown to the top 10% of all podcasts globally and the 15% most downloaded podcasts on Spotify! This is all thanks to our ability to showcase all the great people, places, and events in Scottsdale, along with our commitment to bringing new and exciting content each week. But most importantly, it is due to our amazing listeners! I am so grateful for the support that has made this possible. Is is a dream come true!

How We Are Celebrating

To celebrate this milestone, I have invited some of my past guests to share their favorite Scottsdale vibes. Additionally, two of our amazing sponsors, Jeremy Mueller from State Farm Insurance and Dr. Rob DeVito from Arizona Center for Laser Dentistry will be featured in this episode. Both sponsors have been with us since before the beginning and are excited about the future of Scottsdale! Especially the Cavassion development and the new Optima 101 on Scottsdale Road.

All About the Vibes

Scottsdale, Arizona is often associated with luxurious desert living, perfect weather for most of the year, and a unique vibe. This vibe is what inspired the title of our podcast “Scottsdale Vibes,” which explores the different impressions people have of the city. We invite guests to share their favorite Scottsdale vibe, providing listeners with an in-depth look at the city’s diverse community and culture.

We have featured a variety of people over the past couple of years including Tammy Fellows, publisher of the High-End Magazine, City Lifestyle. She loves the city’s active community and how it keeps people moving, making it an essential part of Scottsdale’s vibe.

Mark Stanton, President of the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, loves the fact that there is always something new going on in Scottsdale. From the Arabian horse show to the Phoenix Open and Barrett Jackson there is always an event happening.

Mayor Ortega also talks about the Scottsdale Smiles and how it shows that the city is happy and back to its vibrant self.

Arizona Homeland Director Tim Roamer, who was born and bred in Scottsdale, talks about his favorite Scottsdale vibe, which encompasses everything from golf courses to a great restaurant scene. He also talks about his passion for the Kierland area and how it has evolved over the years.

Scottsdale Summed Up

In conclusion, Scottsdale’s vibe is a combination of an active community that focuses on health and wellness, constant pulse of events and activities, and a unique sense of pride and ownership of the city. It is a city that has something for everyone, from golf courses to a great restaurant scene, and is home to successful and influential people who are making an impact on the city, state, and even the country.

The Scottsdale Vibes Podcast has played a significant role in showcasing this vibrant city to the world, and its future looks bright with more exciting content to come. If you know someone who should be featured on the show, have them check out our sponsorship page to learn more!

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