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Scottsdale’s Real Estate Market and The Art of Balanced Living

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On this week’s podcast episode, I had the privilege of chatting with seasoned real estate agent Shawn Shackleton, touching on Scottsdale’s real estate intricacies, and the dynamics of buyer behavior. Then I got to talk with the ever-inspirational yoga instructor Courtney Fox talking about how yoga can keep you balanced through all life throws
at you.

The Unpredictable World of Interest Rates

Oh, interest rates—everybody’s favorite topic, right? In Scottsdale, it seems like they’re the unsung hero (or villain) in every real estate story. Shawn pointed out that while the rates hover around 7%, it’s not the same for every aspiring homeowner. Your credit score and debt-to-income ratio can make all the difference. And before you ask, no, the experts like Barbara Corcoran don’t think home prices are going down anytime soon—maybe leveling off if we’re lucky.

Supply, Demand, and The New Construction Wave

Despite those high rates, y’all, people are still clamoring for quality homes. Shawn emphasized that properties in hot spots often receive multiple offers, sometimes exceeding the listing price. And for those of you stuck between choosing a resale or new construction home, here’s a tidbit: new constructions have been steadily outpacing
resales. So builders are clearly having a heyday. There’s something about that new home smell, isn’t there?

Debunking Myths: No, Scottsdale Isn’t a Foreclosure Haven

Shawn was quick to dismantle the myth about Scottsdale teeming with foreclosures. Mortgage delinquencies are at an all-time low since the ’80s, making the 2008 housing crisis comparisons moot. So, for now, stability seems to be the keyword.

Seasonal Changes and Buyer Behavior

Being patient is great advice for life and particularly for navigating Scottsdale’s real estate market. Shawn noted that the market has been following its typical seasonal ebbs and flows. So, don’t lose hope; your perfect home is out there somewhere!

The Shawn Shackleton Difference

What sets Shawn apart isn’t just her decades of experience, it’s her ability to really “get” what you’re looking for. She’s not just any realtor; she’s your real estate guardian angel. So, if you’re serious about home-hunting, give her a call at 480-734-7277 or pop into The Shackleton Group.

Balancing It Out With Yoga and Courtney Fox

Switching gears a bit, let’s talk about the balance in life. My conversation with yoga instructor Courtney Fox was nothing short of enlightening. Courtney left the corporate world in 2015, and it’s been a whirlwind of mindfulness, meditation, and some incredibly flexible poses since. Her holistic approach to yoga is not just about physicality; it’s about enriching your life and your interactions with the community. She’s got the credentials and the hours logged in to back it up.

Mindfulness Off the Mat

And it’s not just yoga poses. Courtney emphasized the role of mindfulness in everyday life, whether it’s taking a pause to appreciate your meal or engaging deeply in conversations. She even passionately talked about her husband’s food truck venture, “From the Wildfire,” adding yet another layer of balance to her life.

The Scottsdale Community Vibe

Courtney adores Scottsdale, and I can see why. Our local community vibe is a mesh of outdoor brunches, yoga, and, of course, real estate. Scottsdale seems to be the nexus where wellness, community, and investment collide. Courtney’s favorite part? The brunches, especially those with a wellness twist. Hey, who can blame her?

In Summary

Whether it’s navigating Scottsdale’s ever-changing real estate market or achieving a more balanced life through yoga, the advice and perspectives of experts like Sean Shackleton and Courtney Fox are invaluable. So, if you’re pondering when to make your next move—literally or metaphorically—remember that knowledge and balance are your best allies.

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