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Scottsdale’s Interior Design Community: Meet Emmy Couture

For many, interior design is a mere orchestration of furniture and color palettes. But if you delve deeper, it’s a soulful translation of one’s essence into a living space. And when we talk about such heartfelt transformation in Scottsdale’s interior design community, Emmy’s name shines the brightest.

Meet Emily ‘Emmy’ Marek

Scottsdale's interior design guru, emmy merrick

Beginning her academic journey at Northern Arizona University with summa cum laude honors, Emmy’s passion and drive led her through prestigious stints at architectural and luxury design firms. By 2016, she crystallized her experience and fervor into the establishment of Emmy Couture Designs. Today, she’s not just another name in the
industry; she’s the name.

Emmy’s journey from a childhood surrounded by her mother’s home makeovers, to working at Kirkland’s home store, to finally diving into interior design full-time speaks volumes about the influences that shape our futures. These early exposures honed her distinct design aesthetic, making her the renowned designer she is today.

The Signature Emmy Couture Approach

What’s truly captivating about Emmy’s design process is its deep-rooted connection with fashion. To her, fashion and interior design are two reflections of the same aesthetic spirit. This philosophy, combined with her innate talent to resonate with her clients’ personalities, ensures each space she crafts is both unique and deeply personal.

Your journey with Emmy Couture Designs initiates with a thorough questionnaire, progressing to on-site meetings to grasp the intricacies of your lifestyle and preferences. Then, through collaborative mood boards and detailed planning, Emmy meticulously brings each room to life.

Her background in architectural firms gifts her the capability to infuse architectural genius into her designs, bridging the gap between functionality and aesthetics. Clients often find solace in her multifaceted approach, especially when she fluently converses with contractors, ensuring every detail is executed perfectly.

The Art of Furnishing

For Emmy, a home’s essence is captured not just by its layout but by the unique furnishings that populate it. Leveraging her extensive network, she procures singular pieces, often journeying to places like High Point, North Carolina, to remain at the forefront of furniture trends.

A National Footprint

While Scottsdale is Emmy’s primary canvas, her designs have beautified homes from Florida to Newport Beach. Managing these nationwide projects, especially in the remote-work era, was made possible by her senior designer, Andrea, based in Wisconsin. With aspirations to further expand, especially in the Midwest, Emmy’s ambition knows no

Crafting Stories, Not Just Spaces

Each Emmy-designed space is a narrative, a reflection of its inhabitants, intertwined with the ambiance of its location. Whether it’s the desert charm of Scottsdale or the breezy allure of a Florida beachfront, Emmy crafts each design to resonate with its surroundings.

Having called Scottsdale home since 1999, Emmy’s love for the city runs deep. Its eclectic blend of urban vibes set against serene nature offers her perpetual inspiration, reminiscent of her fond memories from St. Louis.

Wrapping It Up

To experience Emmy Couture Designs is to step into a world where spaces become stories, where every corner is a blend of memories, emotions, and unmistakable vibes. Under Emily Merrick’s adept hands, every project isn’t just about aesthetic appeal—it’s about encapsulating a life, a dream, a story.

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