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Protégé Footwear: From Heels to Comfort With Candice Chen

Candice Chen, owner of Protégé Footwear

I recently had the distinct pleasure of diving deep into the bustling heart of Scottsdale, Arizona. Among the myriad of unique offerings the city is teeming with, one gem caught my eye – or should I say, my feet? Candice Chen, the genius behind Protégé Footwear, might have cracked the age-old code of merging fashion with comfort in high heels. Yep, you read that right!

Golf Courses to Runways: Candice’s Unexpected Pivot

I was fascinated to learn about Candice’s transition from designing for golf apparel to revolutionizing the world of high heels. Who would’ve thought? A networking event turned out to be the catalyst. After a night in heels, Candice’s discomfort pushed her to study and innovate heel designs. And boy, the discoveries she made about even some high-end brands were startling!

Heels with a Purpose: The Protégé Approach

Candice’s heels are far from the usual. She’s combined her engineering background with the intricacies of foot anatomy to craft shoes that are as comfortable as they are stylish. Forget the usual compressed cardboard; think triple-layer foot padding, shock-absorbing gel foam, and memory foam. She’s on a mission to banish ailments like Newton’s neuroma from the lives of high heel enthusiasts.

I believe in celebrating pioneers like Candice. While many in the fashion world have maintained a status quo, Candice’s Protégé Footwear is disrupting the space, proving that fashion and function can coexist harmoniously.

Inside the Design Room: My Chat with Candice

During our conversation, I delved into Candice’s inspirations. Candice shared her love for heels and the desire to seamlessly blend style with comfort. She passionately walked me through her unique stiletto design, the versatility in her footwear range, and even a sneak peek into their upcoming boots. I was genuinely impressed by how her engineering mind influenced these fantastic designs. As she wrapped up, she reflected on her time in Scottsdale, and how it has influenced her preferences and observations.

On The Horizon: Scottsdale’s Stylish Future

The quest for the perfect heel might just be over, thanks to Candice. Protégé Footwear isn’t just about shoes; it’s a brand that understands and addresses women’s needs. If you’re as intrigued as I was, check out Candice’s feature in the Scottsdale City Lifestyle’s style issue, or head over to YouTube for an in-depth view into her venture.

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